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Xiamen, a scenic port city, is situated at 118.04’ east longitude and 24.26’ north latitude on the southeast coat of China, directly facing Taiwan Island with Taiwan Straits in between. This garden city covers a total area of 1565.09, while Xiamen Island proper, floating about a mile off the serpentine coastline, is about 130.56, it is said in ancient times flocks of egrets settled on this island, so it is also called Egret Island. Xiamen lies in the Jinmen Bay and at the estuary of the Jiulong River in southeastern Fujian in close proximity to Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, forming the south Fujian Golden Triangle Economic Belt, nestled snugly between the Taiwan Strait and the mainland of China.

Lying in the sub-tropical Zone, Xiamen has maritime climate, and congenial, spring-like weather in four seasons. The city receives abundant sunshine (a total of 2,276 hours annually), a big blessing for those planning to go sunbathing on the beach. The annual average temperature here is 20.8 degrees C. The coldest month, February, never goes below 10 degrees C.

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